The Core Issue

Simply Put

A rapid emergence of technology has completely transformed the professional workplace. While this has drastically increased efficiency, it's also brought forward a fresh set of challenges. The practising engineer now needs to develop his skill sets in a very different way. Apart from being theoretically proficient, they also need to be able to utilise these new tools effectively. For a fresh graduate stepping into the shoes of a working professional, it's imperative to have experienced first-hand, what it's actually like to work in the field. At Simply Supported, we present future engineers with the opportunity to close the gap between understanding and application. With our esteemed think-tank backing up the course with a solid syllabus, our parallel education programs are designed for those who seek excellence in their line of work.

The Support System

Simply Supported was conceived with the aim of addressing a pressing problem that plagues students in today's times; the lack of exposure to industry practices, techniques, and technology. We offer a comprehensive solution to this problem, one which is flexible and easily adaptable to the needs and requirements of individuals and institutes.

Through our programs, we provide future engineers a way to develop critical industry skills, and set themselves apart from the crowd in a definitive manner.

Simply Who

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of engineering professionals with diverse backgrounds and a penchant for bringing the best out of people. We are or have been a part of the academia, active professionals in the industry, and researchers in top R&D facilities that exist today. With years of experience behind our backs, we at Simply Supported, want to put an end to the inheritance of the lack of application-based learning in professional engineering courses.

Every member of the team is driven by the need to explore any possible areas of intervention which can be scaled with the help of active participation of each and every stakeholder.This includes students, industry professionals, technocrats, and individuals who are recognised globally in their respective fields.We have thoughtfully charted out a roadmap which helps us achieve our core objective; to deliver a continuous development program for the practising professional, engineering students who have recently graduated, and those who are currently pursuing their degrees.

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